TortoiseSVN Proxy Exceptions for Local Host

18 01 2013

Today I found some strange behavior in TortoiseSVN (1.7.11, Build 23600 – 64 Bit).

I tried to configure the proxy settings so that I can both access SVN repos hosted on the internet behind an HTTP proxy and also local repositories hosted on the dev machine. It was unclear what to enter into the „Exceptions“ field.

„localhost“ didn’t work. „“ as well as the local IPv4 or local IPv6 addresses didn’t work either. The hostname as printed by the „hostname“ command (here: „XPS15z“) in a command shell did also not work.

The only thing that worked was the hostname in lowercase letters (here: „xps15z“)!

TortoiseSVN Proxy Exceptions

Maybe this worked because the SVN URL for the local repo also used lowercase letter. Strange bug. Host names should be case insensitive.