HOWTO: Uninstall broken Windows 8 apps

29 03 2012

I had a problem with a Windows 8 app (the „Flow“ game) which was partially broken. The app’s tile was no longer shown on the start screen, and no icon was shown when I searched for the app’s name, though Windows noted that there was „1 Application“ with a matching name – but no tiles where shown. For this reason, I couldn’t right-click the tile to uninstall it.

Thanks to MS support I learned that apps can be uninstalled manually through some PowerShell commands. They pointed me to this thread.

List all installed apps:

Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers

Remove a specific app:

Remove-AppxPackage FullPackageName

Hint: Windows 8 apps are placed in a hidden folder named C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. Simply deleting (or renaming) an app’s folder will not properly uninstall it.




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